Your AI powered marketing compliance firewall

Monitor your own and third party digital assets with custom rules unique to your organisation's risk profile. Manage remediation of detected issues from within the Haast platform.

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Create your Compliance Firewall with Haast

Huge volumes of constantly changing live digital assets makes managing compliance manually incredibly difficult. Protect against the risks of non-compliant marketing with Haast's easy to use, AI-powered compliance firewall*

*AI rule assistant coming soon. Design preview in image.

How Haast Works

Haast empowers your marketing and compliance teams to manage your live digital presence across your own and third party assets


Select Your Channels

Select the channels you want to search: websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and YouTube. Haast handles text, images and even video across it all, from both your own assets and third parties


Load Industry Rules

Load pre-built industry rules covering top of mind issues like greenwashing. Fine tune them to match your organisation’s unique risk profile via our easy to use visual rule builder


Build Custom Rules

Easily build rules that reflect your organisation’s unique risk profile via an AI-powered chat interface,* then fine tune them via our easy to use visual rule builder

*Coming soon


Set-up Your Firewall

Turn your fine tuned rules into an always-on compliance firewall, by setting them to automatically monitor your digital presence and notify you when new results are returned


Collaborate + Remediate

Manage remediation from within the Haast platform, by assigning them to users. Assigned users can manage the issue status and add comments from within their email inbox


How does Haast deliver your compliance firewall?

Multimodal Search

Search everything the same way - across your text, images and videos from web pages, social media posts and documents

Unified platform

Kill spreadsheets. Bring everyone together on one platform to manage issue discovery and remediation in a traceable, auditable way

Always-on Monitoring

Get email alerts when new results are detected by your compliance firewall. Automatically detect issues when they are removed from your digital presence

Intuitive AI Assistant*

Use a GPT-powered AI assistant* to transform areas of concern into clear and comprehensible machine-readable rules
*Coming soon

Effortless Custom Rules

Easily create custom rules unique to your organisation’s risk profile. Fine tune and modify them to keep them up to date with your evolving needs

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General Use Cases

Tackle brand and regulatory use cases

Monitoring Regulatory Compliance

Enforcing Brand / Style Guidelines

Monitoring Third Parties & Affiliates

Monitoring Brand Compliance

Discovering Issues across Digital Footprint

Finding & Updating Outdated Information

Specific Examples



Manage 'greenwashing' risk from sustainability claims, by finding high risk terms outside approved guard rails

On-message marketing


Stay on top of assets across your own and third party channels, keeping your marketing on-message

Industry codes


Detect potential issues with industry codes like the TCP code or Higher Education Standards

Outdated Info

Regulatory & Brand

Detect expired offers that are still being run and other incorrect or out of date content

Guard Rails

Regulatory & Brand

Ensure your marketing claims remain within approved parameters, with required disclaimers included

Brand / Style Guides


Enforce brand and style guides across both your own and third party assets, to preserve your brand voice

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