Automate marketing compliance with AI

Save time, improve productivity by 80% and free up valuable resources by automating the review of marketing assets before and after they go live.

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Double productivity and lower risk with AI compliance review

Automate the compliance process for every asset and channel, unlocking productivity for marketing, compliance and legal teams

Made for high performing marketing, compliance and legal teams


Get to market faster, reduce iteration cycles and stay compliant


Proactively identify issues and reduce time spent on first-line review by up to 80%


Manage risk more effectively by automating review of every draft and live asset in seconds

How Haast Works


Codify compliance requirements and create rules

Load and customise pre-built industry rules, or easily create custom rules and build compliance checklists tailored to your organisation's risk profile.


Identify and remediate potential risks before assets go live

Apply your checklists to automatically run compliance checks on draft assets. Update based on feedback, upload new versions and manage approvals within the Haast platform.


Scan and flawlessly monitor risks across all channels after assets go live

Apply your checklists to scan your entire live digital presence for potential issues. Automatically and continuously monitor for risks, and receive email alerts when potential issues are found.

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General Use Cases

Tackle brand and regulatory use cases

Automate First Line Review of Draft Assets

Manage and Approve Assets across All Teams

Monitor Third Parties & Affiliates

Continuously Monitor Brand Compliance

Discovering Issues across Digital Footprint

Find and Update Old Content

Specific Examples



Manage 'greenwashing' risk from sustainability claims, by finding high risk terms outside approved guard rails

Short shelf-life assets


Stay on top of assets across your own and third party channels, keeping your marketing on-message

Industry codes


Detect potential issues with industry codes like the TCP code or Higher Education Standards

Outdated Info

Regulatory & Brand

Detect expired offers that are still being run and other incorrect or out of date content

Enforce Guard Rails

Regulatory & Brand

Ensure your marketing claims remain within approved parameters, with required disclaimers included

Brand / Style Guides


Enforce brand and style guides across both your own and third party channels, to preserve your brand voice

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