Recap: ACCC's FY25 Enforcement Priorities

Let’s recap the ACCC’s current enforcement priorities

Recap: ACCC's FY25 Enforcement Priorities

As we end the first week of the new financial year, let’s recap the ACCC’s current enforcement priorities.

Unsurprisingly, misleading environmental and sustainability claims have remained at the top of the list, reflecting the ACCC's commitment to tackling greenwashing and ensuring businesses provide truthful, substantiated information about their environmental impact.

Other key areas for legal, marketing and compliance professionals to take note of include:

  • Misleading claims and pricing in relation to essential services, with a particular focus on energy and telecommunications
  • Consumer and fair trading issues in the digital economy, with a focus on misleading or deceptive advertising within influencer marketing, online reviews, in-app purchases and price comparison websites.
  • Unfair contract terms in consumer and small business contracts. 

So how can Haast help?

In light of these enforcement priorities, Haast navigate these regulatory challenges effectively:

1. Identifying currently live risks

Haast lets you immediately search your entire digital footprint (including websites, social media, images, videos, audio and more) for potential issues. Quickly find every instance of potentially misleading claims, or old environmental proof points you need to withdraw.

You’ll get back an actionable list of potential issues within the Haast platform, that you can easily use to remediate your digital presence.

Haast then continuously monitors your digital footprint, automatically detecting when these issues have been remediated, and providing you with email notifications when new issues are found - making sure these don’t re-occur.

2. Automating review of draft assets

Once you’ve cleaned up any existing issues, Haast lets you automate the review process of your draft marketing assets, significantly reducing the time and effort required for compliance checks. 

By using centralised AI-powered rules, you can ensure that all collateral is kept up to date with your changing risk position. These can be easily tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, and are super easy to change as your risk profile changes.

3. Finding potential UCT issues in documents 

Haast can go beyond mere marketing compliance, letting you analyse existing documents like contracts for potential unfair contract terms. We can even build a custom integration to your existing document repository, enabling you to automate an otherwise painful manual process.

With the ACCC's stringent enforcement priorities, it is more important than ever for businesses to maintain transparency and honesty in their marketing and contractual practices. Haast is here to support you in navigating these complexities, ensuring compliance, and fostering trust with your consumers.

For more information on how Haast can assist you in staying compliant, contact us today.