How Haast helped Mate cut time to review by 80%

Haast helped Mate supercharge productivity in marketing compliance, by automating the review of Mate's digital presence, saving 10+ hours a week for Mate's resource constrained marketing team.

Mate’s Challenge

Mate, a rapidly growing telco, faced significant challenges in managing its complex array of offers, promotions, and assets with a limited compliance and marketing team. The company operates in a dynamic market, constantly updating its marketing strategies and adapting to regulatory changes. Their existing compliance processes, largely dependent on manual efforts, were slow and prone to errors, leading to overlooked compliance requirements, outdated content, and issues with third-party collaborations.

How Haast is helping

Haast stepped in to transform how Mate manage their digital presence:

  • Comprehensive Digital Indexing: Haast indexed Mate's entire digital footprint across all channels, creating a centralised database for easier access and management.

Haast became mission critical

  • Updating Marketing Offers: Whenever Mate updates its marketing strategies or promotional offers, Haast's tools ensure compliance and accuracy across all digital platforms, covering text, images and videos.
  • Regular Compliance and Marketing Audits: Haast's technology enables Mate to conduct thorough audits of their marketing and compliance strategies efficiently.
  • Adaptation to New Regulations: In the face of new market regulations, Haast assists Mate in quickly aligning their digital content with the latest legal standards.


The introduction of Haast's solutions brought significant improvements:

  • Time Efficiency: The company saved over 10 hours per week in manual content review.
  • Rapid Auditing Capability: Complete audits of the digital presence, which once took extensive time, now could be completed in seconds.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The efficiency gains allowed the company's staff to focus on higher-priority tasks, improving overall productivity.
Thanks to Haast, we've significantly reduced the time to manually review content and update marketing, allowing us to focus on strategic growth and higher value tasks. -Mark Fazio, Mate Co-CEO


Haast's innovative approach has not only resolved the company's immediate challenges but also set a new standard in managing digital presence and compliance in the fast-paced telecommunications industry. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of integrating Haast's advanced digital tooling in streamlining complex business processes.

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