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Multi-Modal Search

Powerful multi-modal search across all assets

Feel the power of having your entire digital footprint at your fingertips. Our multi-modal search lets you search all your asset types and channels the same way- including text, images, video, audio, metadata and more

Full Socials Coverage

Coverage includes Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), Youtube, and LinkedIn

Lightning Fast

Get results in seconds, with our advanced AI powered algorithms

AI Video Search

Get searchable time stamped audio and text from video marketing assets across all platforms

Unified Platform

Bring everyone together on one unified platform

Kill spreadsheets and bring everyone together on one platform to manage issue discovery and remediation in a traceable and auditable way

Seamless collaboration
Shared workspaces
Frictionless onboarding
Third party notifications
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Powerful workflow and a clear audit trail

Easily track and manage the remediation of detected issues with workflow that helps you to break down silos and assign issues to the right users

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PDF reports
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Custom data exports
Issue tracking
Useful Integrations
AI Rule Assistant

An intuitive AI rule creation assistant

Use a GPT-powered AI assistant to transform areas of concern into clear and comprehensible machine-readable rules within minutes

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Visual Rule Builder

Visualise complex boolean rules and queries with a simple UI, enabling you to refine AI suggested rules or create your own custom rules

Industry Rule Books

Pre-configured rules codifying common issues and concerns across multiple industries (e.g. greenwashing, Australian Consumer Law)

Traceable Rules

Ask complex but traceble questions with boolean and regex powered rules, helping you find more issues than ever

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Always-on Monitoring

Always on monitoring

Auto re-run rules to continuously monitor your live digital footprint, creating a "compliance firewall". Get email alerts straight into your inbox when new hits are detected

Email Alerts

Get a customisable alert whenever whenever your risk threshold is crossed

Personalised frequency

A fully customisable refresh frequency for the channel, rule or idea you are monitoring

Verify Changes

When a change is actioned, let the system confirm so you never have to leave the platform

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