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Released 14 January 2024

Haast "v1.0" released

We're super excited to announce the release of Haast "v1.0" - in which we've rebuilt the webapp from the ground up, incorporating many user-suggested improvements to make the platform better in almost every way.

A Complete Facelift 🌟

When you first login, you'll notice that the platform now looks and feels better than ever. We've given our user interface a stunning makeover. Say hello to a fresh, modern look that's visually appealing and intuitive to navigate.

Reporting is here 📈

Make data-driven decisions based on your organisation’s live data, presented in a sleek new dashboard on your home page. See the status of your streams, manage your teams and get an overview of your online presence in one spot.

AI Rule Creation 🤖

We're extremely proud to announce the release of AI Rule creation. Simply chat with the Haast Bot to build custom rules for your organisation. You can then easily preview the results, and tailor the rule to meet your needs.

Structured Stream Creation🗂️

We've completed revamped how stream creation works, to help you drill down and create the rules you need in 'draft' mode. You can then review a detailed preview of all results, before activating your compliance firewall by making the stream 'live'. We've also enhanced rule editing, enabling the visual rule builder to allow you to easily change your live rules.

Preview your rules🔎

You can now see a preview of the results you'll get back when adding a new rule. This enables you to quickly confirm your rule is correct and returns what you expect without having to wait for it to check your potentially expansive dataset - a quick and non-intrusive litmus test to improve your workflow.

Enhanced review workflow📋

We’ve significantly improved the hit review experience, by simplifying the results tables, only showing the relevant information at each step of the review process.

Even Quicker Search 🏃

The Quick Search page has received both a functional and visual overhaul, to enhance your ability to discover new issues across your live digital presence. You can now easily select your channels and see and filter results quickly to help you discover and ideate potential issues quickly.

Our very own Chrome Extension 👁️

Now when you click on links to assets, our Chrome extension will highlight the hit on the page or document for you, along with any of the same word or phrase so you have maximum visibility over the hits on your content.*

* Access subject to organisation's approval policies for extensions

Other Improvements

Under the hood, we've made significant improvements to speed and responsiveness, to help deliver an even better user experience.

Our back-end team has also been hard at work over the last few months, delivering significant performance boosts that are already live. We've also added support for additional social media channels such as TikTok and the Meta Ad Library.

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