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Review every asset and channel with AI

Automate marketing compliance and manage legal risk from marketing more effectively by using AI to review every asset across every channel. 

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How can Haast help?

Automate First Line Review

Give marketing instant feedback on prescriptive compliance requirements - then automate first line review to ensure submitted draft assets comply

Create an asset approval audit trail

Stop using emails to manage approvals, and ensure all content goes through an auditable approval trail that logs every step of the approval process

Verify old content is removed

Avoid the risk and pain from old content like discount offers not being removed, from every channel where it could create risk (e.g. website, socials, third parties)

Instantly find potential live issues

Search your entire digital presence instantly, to work out if there is real, live risk - then find all the locations where risky or out of date content is used

Continuously monitor all collateral

Find any variant ads that may create legal risk across all channels, with continuous monitoring against custom rules you set up or load from our industry rules

Discover new issues (coming soon)

Discover potential issues with AI powered insights - then create and codify rules to prevent such issues from re-occuring

Key benefits

Reduce risk by automating
marketing compliance

Learn more about how automating marketing compliance with AI can help your organisation manage legal risk

High quality review for all your assets

Use AI to ensure standardised, high quality review that covers all versions of your assets across all your channels - not just the random sample humans can

Remove human error from your risk profile

Humans inevitably miss things. Remove human error from the first line review of prescriptive requirements by using AI to automatically apply a consistent approach

Other benefits

Eliminate 60% of iterations

Reduce the number of iterations the typical asset goes through by up to 60%, by helping marketing get it right before it comes to compliance

Reduce review times by 80%

Reduce the time spent on conducting first line review by up to 80% per asset, by using AI to automate presecriptive reviews

Prevent things slipping through

Eliminate messy ad hoc reviews and approvals with Haast's unified marketing approval workflow,  preventing things from slipping through

Free up time for high value tasks

Free up your team's time to focus on adding value during their reviews, looking at legal risks beyond missing disclaimers and high risk words

Case Studies

Find out how Haast has helped other organisations

Senior Compliance Manager

Superannuation Fund

"Thanks to Haast, we've significantly reduced manual review time, allow us to focus on strategic growth and higher value tasks while effectively managing risk"

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