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Get to market faster and reduce iterations

Automate marketing compliance with AI and get assets out the door faster, while reducing the number of iterations to get compliant

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How can Haast help?

Automate First Line Review

Get instant feedback on prescriptive compliance requirements letting you iterate on compliance feedback without waiting on human review

Manage, track and approve assets across all teams

Create a single source of truth for compliance, legal and marketing, in which you can share assets for approval and collaborate on iterations

Automate Live Asset Audits

Instantly scan all channels for compliance and brand issues. Get specific, bespoke and relevant issues by easily creating custom rules

Continuously monitor for compliance issues

Monitor every channel on a regular basis for risk and issues. Set up notifications to alert key stakeholders when a risk is detected

Update Marketing Content in Seconds

Identify every location of any claim, offer or representation in seconds. Notify ever asset owner with one click, then automatically track and verify updates have been completed.

Verify old content is removed

Avoid the risk and pain from old content like discount offers not being removed, from every channel where it could create risk (e.g. website, socials, third parties)

Track third parties and affiliates

Track third parties such as affiliates, distributors and comparison sites. Get notified about compliance risk when advertising your product. Automatically track remediation through Haast.

Discover new issues (coming soon)

Discover potential issues with AI powered insights, letting you iterate on subjective compliance feedback without waiting on human review

Key benefits

Improve speed to market and
reduce painful iterations

Learn more about how automating marketing compliance with AI can help improve productivity

Reduce time to review by 80%

Reduce the time spent on conducting first line review by up to 80% per asset, by using AI to automate presecriptive reviews

Reduce rework and iterations by 60%

Reduce the number of iterations the typical asset goes through by up to 60%, by helping you meet compliance requirements prior to submitting it for compliance approval

Other benefits

Get to market faster

Get your assets out to market faster, by using AI to increase the speed of reviews and reduce iterations and painful rework

Review 100s of assets in seconds

Upload and review 100s of assets at once, ensuring that all variants can be efficiently checked for compliance risks

Early, practical guidance

Get early, practical guidance, helping you draft compliant assets and eliminating painful review cycles after an asset is nearly finalised

Automates prescriptive reviews

Automating prescriptive reviews ensures consistency across reviewers, along with faster turnaround times from compliance.

Get instant feedback

Get instant feedback via AI, letting you address compliance risks without having to wait for human review - helping you get to market quicker!

Let's marketing focus on marketing

Free up your team's time to focus on marketing, rather than having to become experts in compliance just to get assets out on time

Case Studies

Find out how Haast has helped other organisations

Mark Fazio

Co-CEO, Mate

"Haast has enabled us to review and stay on top of our entire digital presence in seconds, something that wasn't possible before without the power of the platform"

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