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Released 6 October 2023

Other Changes

  • Fixed bug causing labels to occasionally not render on Stream pages  
  • Fixed bug causing Stream History results to be recorded with incorrect time stamps


Released 2 October 2023

Other Changes

  • Fixed bug causing comments to render without new lines


Released 13 September 2023

New Features

  • Bulk actions on grouped view: You can now use bulk actions in the grouped table view
  • Added YouTube and Tiktok: When enabled, you can now view (non-timestamped) text detected from YouTube and Tiktok

Other Changes

  • Added CSV exports to reported statistics on the home page
  • Various minor UI improvements across the Haast platform, including uplifting table pagination, improving dropdown behaviours, and showing truncated text on hover
  • Various minor bug fixes, including improving reactivity


Released 31 July 2023

New Features

  • Stream-based Permissioning: You can now set view and edit permissions for each stream, by user and team. By default, streams are now personal to you (i.e. only you and admins in your organisation can see them)
  • Teams: You can now create teams and add users to them. Currently, this enables easy controls for user management
  • Subscribe to email alerts for new hits: You can now subscribe to a Stream to receive alerts for new hits detected on rule re-run
  • Source type filtering: You can now filter your results table by the source type (i.e. webpage, twitter, facebook etc.) as well as the data type (image, document etc.). This is available under the 'data types' filter.

Other Changes

  • Significant improvements to search / rule running speed: We have updated our search cluster resulting in significantly improved searching speeds when running rules
  • Various UI improvements across the Haast platform, including significant improvements to the Streams page layout accomodating labels and user permissions
  • Various bug fixes including fixing password reset / new user invite windows to 24 hours and fixing a bug that prevented some hits from correctly being detected as removed


Released 11 July 2023

New Features

  • Grouped Tables: Ability to group results by page

Other Changes

  • Various UI improvements, including allowing users to click anywhere on a rule to expand the rule


Released 18 June 2023

New Features

  • Report History: Added logging of interactions with reports, to provide report history functionality
  • Stream Labelling: Added the ability to pin selected labels to the sidebar menu and improved labelling filtering behaviour
  • Stream Cloning: Added the ability to duplicate a Stream from both the All Streams and individual Stream pages
  • Editable Settings: Added the ability to edit actions and email templates via the settings page
  • Comment Exports: Added the ability to export comments from Streams as .json files

Other Changes

  • Various minor UI improvements
  • Various minor bug fixes


Released 1 June 2023

New Features

  • Persistent Filtering: Added saved filters on stream and improved filtering options
  • Search by Hit ID: Added the ability to quickly search by hit, rule or stream ID to widget bar
  • Report Exports in Platform: Ability to export a CSV containing hits from within the platform
  • Rule Editing: Ability to edit rules (rather than having to create them from scratch every time)

Other Changes

  • Various minor UI improvements
  • Various minor bug fixes
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