AI Rule Builder

Chat with the Haast Bot to build custom rules tailored to your organisation. Instantly preview results, then easily edit your rules and launch your compliance firewall.

AI Rule Builder

Easily build custom rules

Easily translate your thoughts, internal play books, and new brand or regulatory requirements into custom rules tailored to your organisation's risk profile with the Haast Bot.

Simply ask the Haast Bot to build you a rule, preview the results and edit it to meet your requirements

Instant Insights

Get instant previews of results, enabling real time rule editing to catch the issues you care about

Designers - Saasplex X Webflow Template

Frictionless Updating

Easily keep your rule base up to date with simple chat based rule generation and editing

Rules for everyone

Let all your teams build custom rules unique to the issues they face, with the Haast Bot's easy to use interface

AI Discovery Tool

Discover new rules

Easily ideate on broad themes to generate meaningful and actionable compliance rules, by chatting with the Haast Bot.

Ask about a theme
Tailor to your industry
Customise for your org
Get actionable rules

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