Haast's Inclusion in the 2023 Griffin Accelerator Program

We were honoured to be accepted into Griffin Accelerator's 2023 cohort

Haast's Inclusion in the 2023 Griffin Accelerator Program

We have recently been accepted into the 2023 Griffin Accelerator program in Canberra. This participation marks a strategic step for us in enhancing our digital compliance services.

The Griffin Accelerator is a three-month intensive program aimed at fostering start-up growth. It connects start-ups with experienced entrepreneurs in Canberra, offering a combination of mentorship, seminars, coworking space, and networking opportunities.

Our involvement in the Griffin Accelerator is anticipated to refine our digital compliance solutions and expand our market reach. The program's resources, especially mentorship, are likely to contribute significantly to Haast's development and strategy refinement.

By joining the Griffin Accelerator, we are receiving great benefits including access to:

  • Expert Mentorship: Regular guidance and coaching from a lead mentor and seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Educational Opportunities: Seminars led by specialists, providing accelerated learning.
  • Resource Accessibility: Six months of coworking space at the Canberra Innovation Network.

Haast’s Mentors During the accelerator will be:

As a participant in the Griffin Accelerator, we are positioned to leverage the program's resources to bolster our role in the regtech sector. The program offers a platform for us to enhance its services in response to the complexities of digital compliance.